I measure the efficiency of a written text through the knowledge conveyed divided by the mental effort of reading it.

Short stories

I occasionally write short stories. These often have a science fiction or fantasy background. So far I've only polished one of them enough to put online for free download.

  • The Choice is about a ship of space colonists traveling to their new home: a remote planet supporting life. When they get there, things aren't as they had hoped, and the ship will have to make some tough choices. The toughest one of them all: how should they actually make them? It's a rush filled with psychological dilemmas, political deliberations and ethical conundrums.

Did you read anything? Then do reach out and let me know your thoughts. I'm always curious to know what's going through people's minds when they read my work.

Writing workshops

I have given workshops on writing in the past. My favorite one was on planning stories. While some people just start writing and see where the story will take them, I usually plan them out in advance. The method I developed for this has proven to be very helpful.

  • Planning A Story - Steps to take to ensure your story is as engrossing as you can make it.

In the workshop, we practice these steps on a new story idea. An hour later, every participant has a basic story planned out already! It's an exciting way to get started.

The Thoughts series

Next to short stories, I also write longer ones. For one of these - the Thoughts series - I actually publish stuff too. The first three parts (out of a total of six) are already out. You can download them for free. Well, almost free: if you read them, do drop me a note afterwards to share your experiences. You get bonus points if you can find spelling errors.

E-books Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
English Stray thoughts (epub, pdf) Hidden thoughts (epub, pdf) Unidentified thoughts (epub, pdf) Conflicting thoughts
Nederlands Afgedwaalde gedachten (pdf) Verborgen gedachten (pdf) Onbekende gedachten Conflicterende gedachten
Paperback Parts 1 & 2 Parts 3 & 4
English First thoughts (Amazon, Bol.com) Second thoughts (Under construction)
If you run into me personally, I can also sell you a book with discount (€10 for paperback or €15 for hardcover). Autographs on request.

If you are interested in sequels, you can join my group of proofreaders. I will send you chapters as soon as I write them. It does mean you'll have to give feedback. Don't worry: I usually indicate what kind of stuff I'm curious about. If you're interested, just contact me.

The Ultimate Trainer's Manual

The Ultimate Trainer's Manual is a free e-book I wrote for aspiring Ultimate Frisbee trainers.

The book contains an entire season worth of drills. It starts with introduction trainings for the absolute beginners, building up the level of the players to medium-level players by the end of the season.

If you're an Ultimate player with two or more years of experience, and want to try giving trainings, then this e-book will definitely help you out. There's drills for strategies, for throwing/running/jumping technique, for fitness, and more.

You can download the e-book for free through its Facebook page, or directly through the download link.

Educational summaries and problem solving guides

During my studies of Aerospace Engineering, I wrote a summary for every course, and sometimes also a problem solving guide. Pretty soon the number of fellow students interested in them got out of hand, so I decided to put them online, on the Aerostudents website.

This only made it get more out of hand, because pretty soon I started getting reactions from all over the world from people enthusiastic about the summaries. From students in India inspired to set up a similar website, to PhDs in Canada wanting to cite my summaries for their PhD research.

Though the attention for the website has reduced a bit lately, the Aerostudents website still contains all the summaries I wrote during my studies, and in this way continues to help students worldwide.