A good presentation is exactly like a theater show, but for a small whiff of improvisation.

Science Battle

I'm a part of Science Battle - a group of PhDs presenting their scientific work to a layman's audience on a theater stage.

The result? Definitely not your average lecture, but science in a fun and intuitive way. No wooden lecture seats but comfortable theater chairs. No slide after slide filled with equations. In fact, no slides at all. Just science, with a variety of props, performed on stage.

Human Library speaker

I was asked to be a speaker at the TU Delft Human Library event. As the name implies, this is a presentation in which you're supposed to be an open book. It's a very personal thing. So I gave the most personal presentation I could come up with, bundling it all in a few life lessons I wanted to convey to the audience.

Did I get the message across? I'll leave that for you to judge. Check it out here.

TEDxDelft presentation

Some time ago I gave a TEDx talk on my ideas of how education can be improved. The great thing is: I'm actually implementing these ideas!

In short, I'm making online animation videos that are adaptive. That is, the user can ask the video to become shorter (more summarized) or longer (more elaborate). In this way, we can give everyone education at the right level, saving lots of students tons of time.

Everything is still in the trial phase, so there's nothing specific online yet. But if you're interested to see some preliminary versions, drop me a note and I'll tell you all about the plans.

The opening of the Academic year

I was selected to speak at the opening of the Academic year of 2012/2013. This took place at the main auditorium of the TU Delft, with the entire hall filled with students, academic staff, board members and more. And to make it even better, this was on the first day of my PhD project. A good way of starting off at a new department, I'd say.