Life is about understanding the world well enough that making a difference suddenly becomes easy.

Who am I?

Math geek. Coach. Researcher. Author. Public speaker. Programmer. Composer. Teacher. I've been called many things over the years, because I like doing tons of stuff. There's nothing that I don't enjoy doing or learning.

Next to that, I'm the overly idealistic type, always looking for ways to improve the world. Got an idea for that? Or do you have anything else going on that's fun/interesting and I can contribute to? Then don't hesitate to get in contact. Sharing ideas is always fun.

My Ph.D. thesis has been uploaded!

I have finished the draft for my Ph.D. thesis LQG and Gaussian process techniques - For wind turbine control. I also created a special student version of the thesis, focused on teaching this interesting method to aspiring master students. The source code for all examples in this student version is available on GitHub.

The thesis is about Gaussian process regression. This is a machine learning technique used for function approximation. But once you can approximate functions, you can learn nearly anything. The thesis is mainly a collection of my papers, while the student version has been set up so that people with a sufficient mathematical background (usually master's level) can follow it well enough. The chapters contain all the intuitive explanations, while most of the die-hard mathematics is relegated to appendices.

Do note that it's still a draft. Should you find any (typing) errors, then do let me know!

Not-so-late news: the novel First Thoughts has been published

It's finally there: my first novel First Thoughts! No, that title doesn't refer to that it's my first story; I've written plenty of stories before. If you read the book, you'll understand what the title actually is all about. Anyway, here's the cover text.

When Daran stumbles upon an abandoned machine, he decides to fix it. He soon discovers that it's a gizmo: a machine capable of basic thoughts. These are only owned by the Thought Academy, and they want it back - except they're not the only ones that are interested.

Daran quickly becomes a pawn in a game he knows nothing about. But when his family is involved, he has no option but to play along. With time running out, he needs to decide whom he sides with and whom he trusts.

You can get a copy directly through me (the cheapest way). If you want to avoid me, you can also order it through the publisher AuthorHouse, through Amazon (e-book) or, for the Dutch, through